Monday, April 17, 2006

How to spam my boss, ex-wife, etc?

Basic information about this site can be found below this post.

If you want to spam somebody you hate, click this link -> link and leave your message including you enemy's e-mail address. This is it.

Plain and simple, right? :-)

What is this blog all about?


So your boyfriend, boss or anybody else pissed you off? Well, how about flooding him with TONS of spam, so that he has to digg through tens, hundreds of viagra ads or other spam until he gets to his regular mail?

Spammers scan websites, blogs for e-mail addresses so that they can spam you. That is why it is not such a good idea to leave your e-mail on discussion boards, blogs etc. Usually we hate spam. I decided to take advantage of this fact and use it against our enemies. Posting you enemy's e-mail here is probably no different than posting it anywhere else on the net. However, once spammers notice that this blog is a good place to harvest people's e-mails they will visit it more often, so it will work faster than if you posted it somewhere else. + this blog is super easy to use :)

Just click 'comment' in the lower-right corner of the message above to leave a comment including your message (optional) and your enemy's e-mail address. That's it! In a few day he will start getting spam. Unless, of course he has got a super efficient spam filter. If you know of one - let me know :) I posted AdSense ads on the top of this page. They are likely to show anti-spam ads in case you want to try out some spam protection.


Well, if somebody added your address here I am sorry to hear that but.. well, you deserved it. This way or another. If you ask me, I will remove your e-mail from this site (give me a few days please) but it is probably to late anyway as once spammers got it, they will keep it no matter, if it still is published here or not. Keep in mind that you might me getting spam not because your address is posted here but because of your irresponsible behaviour on the net (ie. posting your e-mail on message boards, chats, etc.).


Of course not. This site works as described above. I personally hate spam and have NEVER spammed ANYBODY.


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